Meet Lorian

Lorian Roberts was born in Victoria and from an early age she had an interest in the natural world. The first gift she remembers is a dogwood tree wrapped in burlap.

Lorian’s interest in flora led her to work at a gorgeous and established florist and seed shop in Victoria. By the 1980s she owned two florist shops, one uptown and one downtown, both in Victoria. In 1989 she began studies in Ikebana with Mrs. Theo Wiggan, the doyenne of the Victoria flower scene. Theo Wiggan was Lorian’s mentor. One Theo-ism:  “You need to leave room for the butterflies to find their way through” and another: “One day’s beauty is another day’s compost”.

With Theo’s encouragement, Lorian first went to the OharaSchool in Tokyo in 1990 and studied for six weeks.  She has been back to Japan many times since and received her teaching certificate from the school in 2000.

As West Coast vice-president of the North American Ohara Teachers Association (NAOTA), she has attended conferences throughout North America and hosted a well-received conference in Victoria in 2010. Lorian has attended three international Ohara conferences as well as assisted in demonstrations at the 10th Ikebana International convention in Tokyo. Lorian continues to study with the Ohara School.

Lorian’s passion for Ikebana is evident in her teaching. Please check out upcoming  classes at her Fairfield Studio.

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