Ikebana Victoria Classes

2018 is a fantastic year for Ikebana Victoria.  The Naota Conference will be held at the Victoria Conference Centre October 29 – November 2.  We are so excited to be hosting Headmaster Hiroki Ohara and Professor Yokohigashi — Wow!

Spring classes start March 4th and 5th, and run for 8 consecutive weeks.

Autumn classes start (as always) right after Labor Day Weekend, September 4 – 5, and run for 8 consecutive weeks

(to Oct 24 and 25)


The conference starts with a reception of Oct 29 for delegates. We have three days of workshops and on Friday, Nov 2 the demonstration will be open to the public, ending with the Sayoanora banquet that evening.

Conference Volunteers

Exciting news for volunteers! Headmaster and Professor will stay an extra day, Saturday, Nov 3,  for morning and afternoon workshops for everyone who volunteers at the conference. See you there!  (Volunteers are welcome to join the banquet, $75 per person).

Please let me know if you want to attend the banquet and/or the workshops ASAP.  We will have another volunteer meeting after September. I look forward to working with you.


The library is available to everyone and helpful especially for beginners. Please don’t forget to sign out and sign in!!! 

To book or for further information please contact Lorian. Phone: 250-217-9035 or email: lorianroberts@gmail.com

The studio is located in Fairfield, just off Beacon Hill Park. Lots of parking available.

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